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Hershey the Siamese, Calico mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Hershey
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese, Calico mix
Home: Bedford, Indiana, USA
   Hershey was a shelter kitty that we rescued in four years ago. She may be about six, but we don;t really know. When choosing a name for her, we knew it would have to relate to chocolate somehow after looking at her beautiful coloring.

     Hershey goes to bed when we do and sleeps with us until we get up in the morning. She'll even snuggle under the covers with us if she gets cold.

     In this picture, she is sitting in the chair that she thinks is hers. If I'm sitting in the chair, she'll sit on the floor and stare at me. And if I get up for any reason, she'll jump right up and make herself comfortable.

     Between naps, Hershey likes to play. And one of her favorite toys are individually wrapped candies that are wrapped in cellophane. It's cutest to us when she is playing with Hershey candies, which is the very first candy we ever noticed her play with. She doesn;t eat the candy, just adorable the crinkling wrappers!

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