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Diesel the Ragdoll, Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Diesel
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Union, Maine, USA
Home: Union, Maine, USA
   This is Diesel, he is nine months old and lives in Union, Maine. He is a Ragdoll Maine coon mix. He is huge, but still a growing boy of course, especially given the Maine Coon part of his gene pool. Diesel is special because he a polydactyl - he has six "beans" on each foot. (Many polydactyls just have extra toes in the front.)

     Diesel, for the record, seems to think he's a dog - he plays fetch and drinks from the toilet bowl! He often sits up, like a human, too. And from the size of him, he's going to be bigger than some dogs we know, anyway. We love our boy with the motor-like purr!

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