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Coco the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day
Name: Coco
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: San Jose, California, USA
   Coco Fluff Nugget the Seal Point Ragdoll came into our lives when he was left behind by his previous owner and my niece and her husband bought the condo where Coco had been living. Not wanting to leave this beautiful boy outside and on his own, I talked my elderly mother into adopting him. He made the transition to a bigger house on a large rural property quite well. My mother and Coco enjoyed each others' company for about nine months, until my mom passed away this May. Coco would fall asleep in her arms, laying on his back like a baby and they would nap together for awhile. I lived at my mom's for several months after her passing and Coco and I would walk the property together a few times each day. He loved to walk around the house at night opening closet and cabinet doors.

     I couldn't bear to re-home Coco after all he'd been through, so I brought him home with me to San Jose and Coco became a roommate to my 18 year old cat, Pedro. Months later, the cats still carry on with hissing and growling and they may only ever be frenemies but they seem to be slowly getting more tolerant of one another.

     I can't help but call Coco 'Fluff Nugget' because that's exactly what he is. His fluff is amazing and he weighs in around 12 pounds. He has a tiny meow for a cat his size and will often patrol the house at night making trilling sounds. He made the transition to my house really well and loves to lay in the garden or sit on the porch and watch passersby. He is such a sweet boy, his claws are never out and he licks my hand like a thank you after a good cuddle session and still very much loves to play. He also loves to have his belly rubbed. Coco Fluff Nugget is a very special boy and my family and I love him dearly.

Coco the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day Coco the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day Coco the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day Coco the Ragdoll, the Cat of the Day

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