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Garfield the Tabby mix, the Cats of the Day
Name: Garfield
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: United States
   This is Garfield. He's six weeks old in this picture, but is a bit older now. He's a marmalade colored tabby, definitely a mixed breed. What makes Garfield so special, is that he is the most even-tempered kitten I have ever know, and will ride on my shoulder without digging his claws into it. He loves to climb, and be at the highest point of anything, but does not try for the top of my head like he does the cat tree - apparently my hair is is just too slippery for a good grip!

     He loves to cuddle and nuzzle around my chin. He's just so adorable and loving. His fur looks like he's going to be a longish-haired boy, but right now you can clearly see his orange tabby markings. He has a big purr, and I am so happy to be his forever human! Those golden eyes follow my every move, until he falls asleep - which he does like it's his job! We look forward to many adventures ahead.

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