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Bucca the Tuxedo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bucca
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: South Australia, Australia
   This is my pet cat Bucca (pronounced 'Booka'). She is a ten-month-old female moggie and I have had her since she was about seven weeks old. She is the most affectionate cat with a very distinct personality. She will come up and lay on your lap or over your shoulder and fall all limp like a rag doll, yet she is aware of strangers and will not go near them (which is good as far as I am concerned). She lives with me in my townhouse in South Australia. She is an indoor cat (and owns heaps of toys to keep her occupied), although she does enjoy a daily roam around the garden. When 'nature calls' she will only use her litter tray inside and not the garden so she will never make an outdoor cat! She has a good appetite and loves sultanas and gingernut biscuits! (Although she can only have them in VERY small quantities). She is very special, I am sure she thinks she is human!

     And she is a big poser for photos - I liked this one best as it shows her curiousity, and the curve of her tail against the straight lines of the deck. She is my supurrrrrr model !

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