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Kalista the Tabby/Calico mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kalista
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby/Calico mix
Home: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
   This is Kalista, a Tabby/Calico mix. She's the true definition of a finicky cat: she's lovable when she wants to be! You don't pick her up: she gets in your lap at her will! My husband has her conditioned to this laser pen he has. If we can't find her, all he has to do is shake the pen and she comes running from where ever it is she's hiding! Oh and she gets mad if you don't play with her when she comes out. She starts darting her head everywhere, looking for the light. She has become quite the jumper, trying to get this light! She jumps higher than my husband and I are tall!

     My husband also refers to her as the "Poo Poo Bandit" because we think she's the one doing her business at the top of the stairs by our bedroom door (we don't let her in the bedroom or she'll keep us up all night!). She only seems to do it when she's mad at us for some reason or another, but we never catch her in the act. I come home from work and my husband says, "The Poo Poo Bandit has struck again!" I just laugh!

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