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Charlie the Orange Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Charlie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
   This is Charlie. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his human, Anita, his brother, Max, his sister Bette Davis, and his mother, Molly. What makes them unique is that Molly (Mama) was a stray that started coming around Anita's house. She was pregnant at the time and was being fed by Anita. Then she disappeared not long after having the kittens. Anita didn't know where she had the kittens and became worried. So, she put out flyers in the neighborhood and a neighbor told her where to find Molly and the kittens.

     Molly had the kittens in some shrubbery outside a neighbors house and had moved the kittens one by one up an eight foot ladder into the loft of a storage shed. Anita rescued the mother and her four kittens with the intent of keeping the mother and one of the kittens. One was given away but Anita fell in love with the others and decided to keep them all. Charlie was the only orange tabby out of the bunch. Bette, Max and Molly are all gray tabbies. And he loves to show off his tummy, which has spot and stripes! He is special just for that!

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