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Moon the Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Moon
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Northeast Pannsylvania, USA
   This is Moon, also known as Moon-Dean, Mooesha, Rubbina and Mowli to name a few. He has many other names and some favorite songs as well. He puts his head on my shoulder in perfect timing to the song "put your head on my shoulder...whisper in my ear; Moonie..." Yes, he's very big and very food obsessed. Moon was rescued by the local humane society when he was 6 months old and found wandering the streets. He was sent to a local technology school where the students got to practice drawing blood and running blood tests. He was neutered while there and then ...t he humane society forgot he was there. They left him there for 3 months. When I found him at the humane society, he had just returned; his paw was shaved and he had every test under the sun (at least I knew he was healthy). He seemed lethargic; he laid in his cage and when he did stand up and I went to pet him, he flopped on his side.

     My friend told me there was something wrong with him and not to take him, but he tugged at my heart and I took him. On the way out, all the other people there commented on how beautiful his markings were. Since then, he has been my angel. I got him at a difficult time in my life and he absolutely pulled me through it. I was always a dog person but Moon turned me into a cat person too. He loves to rub (hence the nickname), lay on my legs, have his back patted (which in turn makes him turn his head, meow and rub his head on my feet) and of course, he still loves to flop. He gets to go outside for a few minutes each day but never goes beyond his "pride rock" and he loves to lay on the couch cushions that he's turned into his own cat bed (every cushion in the house, he owns.) Our vet told us Moon would never need another cat or dog in his life but a year ago, we asked him to let another adult cat come live with us. He was amazing! He accepted Bean into his home and loves him like his little brother. He has even let Bean take over some of his cushions and all of his other favorite spots. We love him sooo much and can't imagine life without him. We are so blessed to have found him that day at the humane society and pray he has many more years ahead of him.

Moon the Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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