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Maxwell, Phoebe the Moggies, the Cat of the Day
Name: Maxwell, Phoebe
Age: Eight, Two years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Moggy
Home: Pontypridd, South Wales, United Kingdom
   This is Maxwell Moogington and Phoebe Fannakerpan clinched in a fond embrace. Max is eight years old, we had him from the RSPCA - we went in search of a cute kitten and came back with the oldest ,, ugliest, scrawn bucket of a moggy you have ever seen! I felt sorry for him and thought if I did not give him a home - nobody else would.

      He was a ferocious beasty at first but we have tamed him well! It's taken two years, but it has been worth it!

      He is the most loving and affectionate of all my four babies. He has a collection of gloves that he presents to us one at a time. He has recently befriended our new two-year-old girl Pheebs, (who was abandoned for six weeks after her family moved and did not take her). They are always together and love each other dearly !! So if you are passing Pontypridd in South Wales and you happen to see Phoebe Fannakerpan dash by - watch out, because Maxwell Moogington will be hot on her heels!

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