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Meelai the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Meelai
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Alberta, Canada
   HThis cute little face belongs to Meelai (pronounced me-lye). She is a domestic short-hair and we have had her since she was eight weeks old. When we first got her, she followed me everywhere but we have since adopted two dogs, which she despises, so she has taken to higher ground!

      She has the cutest little face and loves to curl up in the crook of an arm and suckle herself; this has taken more than one guest by surprise. She also has a very loud voice and makes sure she lets you know just how late her dinner is. Meelai is the definition of a "scaredy cat". She is afraid to go outside, afraid of strangers, afraid of noise, afraid of ... the list just goes on and on but she is so sweet-mannered. She gives our oldest cat, Kito (who is a major grump) many kisses in an attempt of 'sweetening her up.'

      She has two nicknames: Stinky-butt and Baby. She loves when you call her baby and the other name, well, let's just say you don't dare go anywhere near her while she is in her litterbox! She has two very strange habits; one, she loves to eat rubber bands and tape instead of treats, and two, she spends hours scratching her claws down walls and mirrors instead of her scratching post. My husband and I are glad we don't have any chalkboards laying around:-)And yes, we try to keep all rubber bands away from her, but she finds them somehow anyway!

      At present we make our home in Alberta, Canada but Meelai doesn't care where she lives as long as she gets to stay safe inside and has her human mommy and daddy to cuddle with and don't forget to have her dinnner served ON TIME.

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