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Dallas the Japanese Bobtail, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dallas
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Japanese Bobtail
Home: Ohio, USA
   Introducing our boy Dallas - he is a purebred Japanese Bobtail, and his full name is Dallas Texas Waffles D.T.W. But he's just Dallas for everyday use of course.

      Dallas is one of the most chill cats I have even known. He doesn't even blink when our big dogs run at him, even when he was a kitten this was the case. He just lays there basically telling them, "I'm not going to move, so don't even bother."

      He is a plush boy, and does not even mind the snow. He is mostly an indoor kitty, but does venture outside from time to time. He is sweet, soft and a calm presence in a hectic world. We love him, even the aforementioned dogs do!

Dallas the Japanese Bobtail, the Cat of the Day

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