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Kika the Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kika
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Hawai'i, USA
   Mika is about One and a half years old. I got her from the Kailua Kona Humane Society in July of 2019 as a three-week-old orphan kitten needing to be fostered. Her name, Kika, means tiger in Hawaiian, which suits her gold and black striped coat as well as her fierce personality.

      She is affectionate to people, winding around legs making figure eights, jumping onto my lap for pets and a snooze. She is very independent, getting attention when she wants it. She is not fond of the other cats in the family. She growls and hisses at them if they get too close to her. I admire her elegant beauty and ballerina like grace. I also appreciate that she keeps the rodent population down with her excellent hunting skills, filling a need here in rural Hawaii. When it came time to give her away, I was too much in love with her and decided to keep her.

Kika the Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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