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Maqo the Shorthair Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Maqo
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Albania
   His name is Maqo, he was rescued as a stray cat, so has no particular breed, but I know he is purely Albanian. His markings are interesting because all his legs are white, but his orange fur extends most of the way down that leg - so it looks like he should pull his "sock” up! He is smart as well as handsome. He can open the house door all by himself by jumping on the handle. I never met a cat who figured that out, but he did! He likes going out to explore a little, and sometimes catches mice or hunts moths, but he always comes back in time for his dinner!

      Maqo is also special because he is soft and warm and likes to cuddle, In the morning he comes into my bed purring and I always end up late for school ... How can I let Maqo sleep without me? He is just too cute to resist - for a few minutes, then I have to go. So we both like the weekend better, when we can sleep and cuddle longer. He is a very special cat!

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