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Tao Tao the Persian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tao Tao
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian
Home: Israel
   My name is Elinor and I am Tao's owner . When I was 21 I got my own place and left my parents' house. At the time, one of my mother's friends decided to get a cat. He took a kitten from somewhere and raised it. He gave him the name Tao Tao because this is also the name of the female cat of my mom and he thought the kitten he had is a female.

      After about three months, his wife started to object having the cat in the house, as the kitten grew and became more active. They also found out that the kitten is not a "she" but rather a "he" and this also didn't suit their expectations. One Friday night I got a call at my apartment from this guy and he said :"Either you take the cat if you want it or I am throwing it to the street because my wife won't let me keep it any more".

      Well, as you probably already guess, I took Tao Tao and from then on he is with me. I don't have photoes of him when he was younger, all his pictures are recent.

      When Tao Tao came into my life he was about three or four months old and he was a sweet cat. However, he had a problem ... he was very aggressive and would attack, and hard. This went on all the time until one night last year he attacked my boyfriend straight in the face. He did it so hard that it scared both of us. When we consulted the vet he said that this might be the result of a trauma that he had when he was little (the guy who took it had little kids) or because his hormones are running wild. He suggested castrating the cat or putting him to sleep. I of course chose castrating him and this we did a day after he attacked so hard. After the surgery it took a while until Tao started to calm down and all this time the vet kept repeating the "other" option to me.

      Today Tao is a pretty relaxed and happy cat. He has his moods sometimes, but most of the time he is really sweet. We love him, and are glad we chose the surgery.

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