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Burnt Marshmallow the American Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Burnt Marshmallow
Age: Twelve and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: Cleveland Ohio , USA
   Nurnt Marshmallow - Marsh is very special because his mom was a stray cat that we had been feeding when we noticed she was in heat! My family and I made a plan to catch her so she didn't spread more kittens around the neighborhood. My dad made a door over our shed. Once it was all built up it was just a nice little area with a chair and a box with a blanket.

       On the day we had planned to catch her everything worked out great and we had caught her the first try. So later my dad came home took one look at her and said she had already had the babies. Immeadiatly my mom and I started looking for the kittens, we looked all over the neighborhood with no luck back on my street we were looking in our neighbors back yard and with no luck again we were about to head home. I took one last peek behind this shed and i saw a board propped against it. I looked through the opening and saw a tiny bit of what looked like fur so i lifted it up and sure enough there they were 3 baby kittens! We raised them for about a year Marsh always getting sick but pulling through (he was the runt) Eventually we had to give them up for adoption. Almost right away The other two kittens got adopted and poor Marsh was alone for 2 months! So one day my dad went back and got him. We have him and him mom to this day and hes so cute and playful. He loves to play fetch!

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