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Fozzie the Moggie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Fozzie
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Milton Keynes, England, UK
   Fozzie came to us in fifteen years ago, we got him from our local Cats Protection League. It was love at first sight, he was about 6 months old and was sitting in the doorway staring at us looking a bit scared. He's definitely a mummies boy, he knows when I'm having an off day as he'll sit and stare at me as if he's asking what's wrong. He doesn't like sitting on laps but he does love sitting next to me on the sofa and leaning on me. He also loves to sneak on the bed when the lights are out where he will snuggle up next to me. The older he's got the louder his meow has become and you can still hear him when he's outside calling to come in or as he likes to do sometimes sit on our drive just meowing to see what attention he can get. In spite of all the cozy cat beds we have bought for him and our teo other cats, his favourite place to sit is in a cardboard box. He also like eating his dinner in the box.

      He loves biscuit treats but won't eat them unless you throw them to him one by one. If you give him biscuits in small pile, he'll just stare at them until you give in. He's got the cleanest feet of all our cats and loves spreading his toes and having a good nibble in between.

      As he's got older he doesn't take any interest in the birds just watches them from inside in the warm. And when we close the curtains he'll sneak in between the lining and lay above the radiator for that bit of extra heat.

Fozzie the Moggie, the Cat of the Day Fozzie the Moggie, the Cat of the Day Fozzie the Moggie, the Cat of the Day Fozzie the Moggie, the Cat of the Day

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