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Rover the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Rover
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: London, England, United Kingdom
   This is Rover, a tiny little cat lady, who makes our life so much more interesting by bringing us all sorts of presents - frogs, worms, green slimy stuff from the pond...

       Isn't she gorgeous?

       "Last year, Chris and Sandra decided to get a cat. One day in July they drove to this cat rescue place somewhere in west London, looking for a new family member to bring home with them. There were lots and lots of cats in all the colours of the rainbow, but the most gorgeous one of all was a tiny little black kitten. She was very terrified, and looked at everyone with huge frightened eyes - and Chris and Sandra knew she would have to come home with them. That little kitten was me.

       "When we got home, Sandra put me down on the floor in the dining room, expecting me to try to run away and hide somewhere. But I was even too scared to do that, I just sat there on the floor shivering. However, that has certainly changed now. Today, I am a healthily mad cat, who loves jumping on people's faces in the middle of the night, climbing curtains and tearing up toilet rolls ...

       "I suppose I should say something about my name. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for a cat to have a dog's name? I knew I shouldn't have let Chris choose my name... Sandra wanted to go for something slightly more normal (by cat standards, that is), but Chris was determined to name me after a dog. "It would be so funny," he said. Really? Well, I'm not laughing."

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