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Flicka the American Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Flicka
Age: Deceased, unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: Florida, USA
   Flicka was a very special cat. Before we found her, she was abused so much that she stopped growing- as an adult, she was only the size of a large kitten. She was thrown out the window of a car at the school that my grandmother worked at. We took her to the vet and got her shots and everything, and adopted her. She turned out to be the sweetest most lovable cat I've ever owned! She died a little while ago, and I will always miss her.

      Flicka was a very playful, affectionate cat. She would sit in your lap for hours without moving a muscle. If someone was sitting on the sofa, she would jump in their lap in a matter of seconds. She loved to play with anything that jingled or made noise(bells and such). One of the strangest things about her is the food she liked to eat. She loved mints, and liked to lick the outside of bananas. She also liked vanilla ice cream.

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