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Mina the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mina
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Himalayan
Home: New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
   I got a call from a local animal rescue saying, "I know your Himalayan died, would you be willing to take in an older cat that is scheduled to be euthanized?" I went to see her and took her home. That was three years ago. Her human mother went into a nursing home, and they had to get rid of her three cats. One went to her daughter, one died and I got "Meany" Mina. I called her Meany when I got her because she was big on biting and scratching, maybe from having so many cats in the house. Now she rarely does it, unless really irritated.

      She has a couple of cute things she does. When you flush a toilet she gets up on the rim and puts her head in and waits for it to come up to where she can drink from it. She likes to sleep on her water bowl, I am waiting for it to turn over and wet her one of these days. She sleeps on one side of my bed on a pink satin quilt with her head on a book (Watership Down). She likes to be scratched a lot, but not picked up or cuddled, thank you. When she is on the floor and looks up at me, she looks so quizzical. She has recently discovered that breakfast is served in the computer room if she can get out of bed and show up, proving that you CAN teach an old(er) cat new tricks!

Mina the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day Mina the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day

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