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Raffaello the Bengal, the Cat of the Day
Name: Ice Raffaello
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal
Home: Moscow, Russia
   I love to take a photo of my cats. I think they like to be photographed. This boy is officially named Ice Raffaello, but we just call him Raffaello for everyday use. He is a very emotional boy, my boyfriend often says that the cat could get work in Hollywood, because he has so much emotion on his face. Raffaello is a very gentle and sensitive cat, he requires careful handling.

      Also, he is very affectionate and talkative! He can talk - and he always answers to you by meows. However, sometimes it becomes a problem - for example, when he starts meowing at our door early in the morning!))) This always happens after he hears our alarm clock, but we are not yet out of the room. He knows that we woke up and he's starting to meow!

      There is no sleeping in when he is hungry - and that is most every day! We do love our beautiful boy!

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