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Monte, Rhage the Bengals, the Cat of the Day
Name: Monte, Rhage
Age: Six, Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal
Home: London, England, United Kingdom
   This is a photo of Monte and Rhage in the green house, as warm as toast on a chilly spring day. They are siblings from different litters, but as you can see they are good enough buddies to share a box. Monty is a Bengali and he is six years old. He came from a cattery in Wales, He is very affectionate, but also very smart - there's not a door in the house, including the fridge, that he can't open.

      Raj (easier to spell than his "real" name) is also a Bengali and he is seven years old. He also came from the same cattery in Wales as his "brother," he was supposed to be white with tabby markings but he turned out black instead, to everyone's surprise. There are still some tabby markings, they become more prominent in the summer months, or in bright sunlight. He is also a clever little monkey - the boys' biscuits and treats are kept in plastic boxes in a cupboard under the stairs. If he can get in there, he can open any of the boxes.

      They certainly keep life interesting!

Monte the Bengal, the Cat of the Day Rhage the Bengal, the Cat of the Day

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