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Sammy the Calico, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sammy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   I just moved into a new home in Wisconsin. My boyfriend and I had discussed getting a cat for a while but we just couldn't afford one at the time. I was driving home one evening and something ran out in front of my car. I stopped quick and got out to make sure I didn't hit anything. Next to my car was a sign that read "Sammy crossing." Sammy was a suicidal squirrel the neighbors said liked to play chicken with passing cars. It wasn't a squirrel though. When I got out, I heard something crying. I saw what looked like a cat so I called it. Sure enough, a beautiful young cat came out of the woods and lay down right on my feet. It looked like she had just had kittens but she was very skinny so I took her home to feed her. She ate two cans of cat food and three cans of tuna fish!

      The next day, I took her back to where I found her so she could be with her kittens. She returned two days later, but no kittens. They must've died in the suddenly cold weather that night. I went door to door looking for an owner but my neighbor said she watched her grow up in her back yard. I assumed she had no owner and took her to the vet. She was healthy but thin. We decided to keep her and name her Sammy after the squirrel sign where I found her. Sammy was already an extremely lovable cat. I felt so lucky to have found her. I had completely forgotten that my neighbors cat was having kittens and we told her we wanted one. Having recently been a mommy to her own kittens, we thought Sammy might accept a new kitten as her own. When we went to look at the kittens, we couldn't decide on just one, so we took two!

      Sammy was very uneasy about her new family for a while. But sure enough, after about a week, she was feeding the kittens like they were her own! She was such a great mother to them. The kittens are now around seven months old and Sammy is about two years old. She still lets them suckle on her like they are feeding. She truly is an amazing cat, mommy, and friend!

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