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Mixie the Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mixie
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: Chenoa, Illinois, USA
   Mixie never knew she wasn't ours. One morning I left to drop my husband at work. As I was pulling out of the driveway a grey cat came out of the bushes. I had seen her several times before and tried to coax her to me. She always ran. When I returned home she was still there and came right up to me to be petted. I went into the house to get a can of catfood for her.

      I served her and two kittens came out of the bushes after her. The kittens were wild but hungry and so eagerly ate. In a minute or two another kitten came out. She wouldn't come to the dish of food but ran in a circle around all of us as fast as she could go.

      She did this several times. I made a bed for Mom cat and her kittens on our screened-in porch. They could come and go as they pleased and the kittens became friendly except for the running kitten who would become Mixie. The kittens ventured into the house on occassion, to the delight of our older cat, Fog. He loved to play with them. We found homes for the two kittens that had become tame. We also found out that Mom cat lived a few houses down from us.

      As soon as the second kitten had been placed, the wildest kitten came inside and made herself at home and allowed us to pet and hold her. We intended to find a home for her as well but she showed herself to be the most perfect house cat.

      Her manners are perfect. She has never jumped on the counter. She doesn't beg for food (though you couldn't tell by her figure) except for peanuts. She loves to cuddle up to us anytime. She doesn't sharpen her claws on the furniture, never knocks anything over, and she is Fog's best friend. They wrestle and play tag and nap together. We worry about what she will do without him, he is much older than she is. She still loves to run through the house as fast as she can go. We cheer for her and she struts around flipping her tail back and forth.

      She is perfect and we adore her. All of our lives are better because of her deciding to share her life with us.

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