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Evan and George the American Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day
Name: Evan, George
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   Evan and George are eight years old. They were born in February 2014. They are both American short hair cats. People ask us if George is a Russian Blue cat, but I don't think so — so we call him an American Gray, ha ha. Evan and George are brothers - litter mates. They were adopted by us when they were two from a local rescue shelter in Pittsburgh.

      When we met them, their names were Heaven (Evan) and Hellboy (George). Going into meeting them and having only seen them, we thought of the names "George" and "Franklin" (we were into presidential names) but if they knew their names well enough to be called, we didn't want to change their names too much. So we decided on Evan and Leroy (my Poppop's middle name) as backups to Heaven and Hellboy. Well, Evan stuck, but George was too much of a George. Don't you think?

      When we met them, they both had kitty colds. But they were so obviously cuddly and playful and wonderful cats. George and Evan are the yin to each other's yang. Evan often cleans George for him, getting the top of his head where he can't reach. George, in return, likes to steal Evan's seat. George loves to lay in the sun, while Evan loves to watch animals behind his house in the dark.

      George loves snacks, whereas Evan only screams when it's time for dinner. George loves to sit on gray objects and Evan white objects - probably because their food bowls match them perfectly. George's favorite food is pizza. But no matter what we're eating, George will jump up on the table and beg for a bite.

      Evan prefers to watch birds. Every morning after breakfast he goes into his sunroom to watch his birdies. He's gotten so used to this that if he doesn't see his birds in the morning, he gets cranky at his puppy sister.

      When the weather is too cold for the sunroom to be open, we open the door and Evan in to watch his birds. He pats on the door when he's ready to come back inside.

      George's favorite ways to play are chasing the laser pointer, attacking the rope on the end of a tv remote, or eating feathers They do also like to wrestle each other.

      Evan's favorite way to play is jumping up and catching small mouse toys or playing soccer with a small crunchy shiny ball. They're both extraordinarily athletic cats.

      They both love to cuddle, but in different ways. Evan prefers to be picked up and held like a baby, but George likes to sit on your lap. George likes to wake up his parents in the morning by sitting on their chests and kissing their foreheads. Evan likes to fall asleep in the arms of his parents, especially when they're watching bird videos on their phones. Evan loves watching television and videos. He could watch videos of birds on tv for hours.

      Evan and George recently had a "catio" made for them. So in the spring and summer, they are able to safely experience the outdoors. They both love to climb to the top of the catio or fight over who gets to be on the top. Evan will often creek at birds outside. George likes to hunt as many bugs as he can find.

      They also like to climb on their fake plant shelves. George and Evan love height, so they jump up on their ledges when they're feeling playful. They also love to climb in baskets, boxes, and the bathtub.

      In as many ways as they are different, they are similar. George and Evan effortlessly mirror each other - we find them cleaning themselves after dinner in perfect synchrony. Especially in cooler months, they can be found cuddled up together on their favorite chair. Evan loves to groom his brother (and sometimes his parents if we let him on our shoulders!).

      They're smart cats, too. Once they figured out that their new dry food feeder machine was taped up so it couldn't break, they worked together to push it down the steps to get food out.

      Evan and George have such big, distinct personalities. They are the best cats I could ever imagine. They are the absolute lights of our lives.

Evan and George the American Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day

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