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Cuántica the Egyptian Mau, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cuántica
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Egyptian Mau
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Cuántica is an Egyptian Mau. She was thirteen weeks old in this picture, from when I adopted her three months ago. She loves to climb on me while I read my quantum physics textbooks. That brings me to her name, Cuántica means quantum in Spanish. She also loves to watch Catwoman and She-hulk along with other comic based movies.

     In my spare time I have been teaching Cuántica to read, and I'm guessing you are thinking it's crazy, but it worked with my dog when I was little. She does not like winter, because in winter I can't grow catnip so she has to eat store bought catnip, which is clearly inferior in her mind. Currently, I'm training her to wear clothes (at least a vest) and walk on a leash so I can take her for walks. Mau are energetic and athletic, so I know she will need exercise when she is older!

     I had to take down my bird feeder because Cuántica kept jumping at the window to try to catch the birds outside. I'm so excited to have a Mau and I am so excited to have many adventures with Cuántica.

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