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Jazzy and Blinker the Tuxedo Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day
Name: Jazzy, Blinker
Age: Unknown, Seven years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: Davie, Florida, USA
   I'd like to introduce our cats, Jasmine (Jazzy) and Blinker Jazzy is the one with the long tail and more black fur; Blinker has a short tail and more white fur than Jazzy.

     Both kitties rescues. Though they look similar, they are not related. They bonded while in their foster home, so we adopted them together. We don't know Jazzy's age, as she was already an adult cat when we got her. Blinker just turned seven years old in June, 2022. We lived in southeast Pennsylvania when we adopted them, but now we live in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

     J & B love to play chase games, wrestle together, sleep, and as you can tell, EAT! Jazzy is a snuggler who loves to be petted, and she is happiest when sitting in your lap! Blinker, on the other hand, is much more skittish. He was born a barn cat and lived there until he went to his foster home at about five months old, so he did not have the opportunity to socialize with people before then. When he first came to live with us he was afraid of EVERYTHING! Even after living with us for seven years, he's still afraid of loud noises, sudden movements, etc. Occasionally he'll relax and let you pet him, but for the most part he keeps the touching to a minimum, and rare is the occasion that you can pick him up without him trying frantically to get away. He has a short tail – we don't know if this is due to an injury he got as a kitten or something else. The foster mom says he was like that when he came to her, so we'll never know. They are both strictly indoor cats, but we have a screened-in patio at our apartment where they love to sit and watch the birds and other critters go by! My son and I like to tell people that we always feel safe because we have two black-and-whites patrolling our house 24/7!

     Jazzy and Blinker have brought so much happiness into our home – we just love them! And all of us would like to strongly encourage people to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue whenever possible! There are so many sweet, loving animals who need homes, especially the older ones! We also encourage people to remember that if you do have a pet, it is FUREVER! They are not to be discarded or abandoned just because they get sick or old, or because they've become inconvenient for you or they don't match the color of your new couch or whatever! When you take on the responsibility of a pet, you are making them a promise – to love them, care for them, and provide for them for their whole life! They would most certainly do the same for you!

Jazzy and Blinker the Tuxedo Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day
Jazzy and Blinker the Tuxedo Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day

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