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Max, the Cat of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
   Before I had Max, my parents and I had adopted our first cat from the shelter. Her name was Wren, and she was left on the street and had her right eye clouded. Other than that, she was an amazing cat who we all loved.

    A few months after adopting Wren and letting her get used to us, we adopted Max. This time though, we got him at six weeks old from a friend who's cat had a litter. Wren had acted like his step mother and watched over Max, who himself liked to act a bit free spirited. He climbed on top of everything he saw and had the whole house as his playground. But he did become an obedient cat who loved affection. You could hold the cat and pet his belly and he wouldn't care, he actually loves it.

    Max is a very silent cat, unlike Wren who would meow and meow (she sounded like her namesake; her meows were like the sounds of a Wren bird). But with Max, you might get a high-pitched squeak out of him as a hello if you're a stranger, but his preferred greeting is to walk up to you and nudge his nose into yours. Max always loves to be the center of attention. He'll shove his nose into the camera and beg for his picture to be taken (but he doesn't know that you can't get right up to a camera and still get a picture).

    I got Max when I was maybe ten or eleven, and even now he's a lovable cat and a great companion to grow up with. Wren was a nice and calm cat compared to him, but she had to be put down recently. I still miss her, but we get by. Especially when you have a cat as adorable as Max.

   Picture Credit ©2013 Pieter Knickerbocker. You can see more of Max and other images at

Max, the Cat of the Day

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