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Cat of the Day
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Tuffy, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tuffy
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange and White Tabby
Home: St. Paul, Alberta, Canada
   Tuffy came into our lives in August of 2013. He was seven weeks old when we saw him advertised on the internet to Give Away. I just couldn't quit looking at his photo. His eyes at the time were a blue/grey and he had pretty orange and white hair. Tuffy received his name from the previous owners and it sure suits him. He is a Tough Cookie. He likes scrapping with the neighbors chihuahua dog. We have a Serta Sheep Toy we call CPR (pronounced Shee-P-R). We place it on his cat tree and believe me it doesn't last on his tree very long. He throws it to the ground and wrestles with it. He thinks he has a twin because he is always beating up our full length mirror in the bedroom. We love to chase Tuffy in the house and he loves to chase us. He poofs up his whole body when he wants to play with us. One time he jumped on the bed and poofed up his body really big right when my husband was coming into the room. He wanted to play.

    I called Tuffy a Peeping Tom (TomCat) because when my husband was outside shoveling the snow and the blinds in the living room were closed, Tuffy jumped on the cat tree and took his left paw and pulled the blinds back so he could see what was going on outside. So whenever he does that we call him a Peeping Tom. Tuffy likes to go for rides in our vehicle. He always likes to be where the action is. He is constantly grooming himself, sometimes we wonder if he has OCD. His coat is always so clean and silky! Tuffy is currently being toilet trained. He has his good days and bad days. We love him no matter what!

Tuffy, the Cat of the Day
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Tuffy, the Cat of the Day
Tuffy, the Cat of the Day

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