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Cat of the Day
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Simba, the Cat of the Day
Name: Simba
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Santa Clarita, California, USA
   We found Simba at a great cat shelter in Lancaster, California. We were looking for a Siamese but they didn't have any that day so I asked the attendant and she said they had just received a Siamese mix kitten that morning! She brought Simba out still locked inside his cage ready to be displayed, and we connected and fell in love with each other immediately! We weren't allowed to take him home until the next day,and we haven't stopped smiling and laughing at his antics ever since.

    Inside that fuzzy, furry little cat body is a real live little human person trying to get out. We have never had so much fun with a pet and we have had several cats in our lifetime. He loves to play and has to be in the center of everything going on. He craves cuddles and attention and gets lots of it! In some ways he is like a very young child in the way he communicates with us. He's very funny and extremely bossy and aggressive tho' with his big sister Furbee. He chases her all over the house and only stops when we scold him and then he'll go hide in his play tunnel and wait until he thinks we're not watching again. She's an old lady Ragdoll cat who doesn't want to be bugged in her old age!

    We have always rescued our animals from a local shelter and had some great experiences with our furry friends over the years, but Simba has captured our hearts in a new and different way and now we can't imagine life without him making us smile and laugh. We love Simba!

Simba, the Cat of the Day
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Simba, the Cat of the Day
Simba, the Cat of the Day
Simba, the Cat of the Day

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