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Capella, the Cat of the Day
Name: Capella
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Poughquag, New York, USA
   This is our beloved Capella. She came to live with us in May, 2014 when we adopted her from a local cat sanctuary where I volunteer. She's our first girl kitty and our little princess.

    Sadly, this poor little girl had a rough start to life. In March, 2013, she was rescued from a severe hoarding situation along with more than 30 other cats. She was quite sick and needed a lot of love and medical care, which she received from the wonderful folks at Mid Hudson Animal Aid. Her mouth and gums were badly infected and it was necessary to remove most of her teeth. She was estimated to be about six years old and sadly may have spent most, if not all, of her life in that awful situation before she was rescued. The shelter staff decided to name this particular group of cats after breakfast items, so she became known as "Yogurt".

    She was a timid little kitty when I first met her at the shelter. She wasn't yet ready for "the great room" where most of the cats roam freely, so she shared a smaller room with a couple other cats. I spotted her, fell in love with her and started visiting her regularly during my weekly volunteer sessions. I found myself taking little "Yogurt" breaks throughout the day to spend time with her. We had been pondering adopting a third cat, so I took my husband to meet her and he was smitten too.

    When we first brought her home, she just wanted to hide and she pretty much stayed in one room. However, that all changed when she met our cat Sterling. When they were introduced, she leapt off the sofa, ran to him, started chirruping and purring and rubbed her face on him. He was a little shocked at first, but he quickly got used to his little shadow. She started following him everywhere. They eat, sleep and play together. In fact, they are together almost all the time, so that's why he's in most of the photos. Based on the initial reaction, I thought maybe these two had known each other at the shelter since we had also adopted Sterling from there. However, they had never really been together there. Apparently, it was just kitty love at first sight :-) Interestingly, she did not react much at all to our other cat Tycho. She mostly ignores him, which is just fine with Tycho, since he treasures his solitude.

    It's been such a good feeling watching this beautiful little kitty blossom. She is so sweet and loving. Her coat is so very sleek and soft. It's all black, except for a little white patch on her belly. She has a lovely curly tail which curves over her back. She also likes to drape it around Sterling's neck. She loves to be petted and when I sit down on the sofa to read or watch TV, she will often sleep on my lap, especially if Sterling is there. She loves to play with her catnip toys and also the little white tip of Sterling's tail. She loves watching the squirrels and birds at the feeder on the back deck and napping in a kitty bed or atop the cat tower (usually as close to Sterling as she can be). At least once a day, she "prances" all around the house. When she does this, she reminds us of a little trotter pony with her head and tail held high and she just looks so happy when she's prancing. She also loves her treats and isn't at all shy about asking when she wants something. She has a sweet and tiny little voice, so it's impossible to resist her request. Her favorite treats include freeze dried chicken breast and a tiny bit of Asiago or Parmesan cheese. She's actually become quite a little diva. She's princess of the house and she knows it :-)

    When she joined our family, we decided she needed a new name to go along with her new life. After much deliberation, we decided on Capella. Most of our kitties are named after craters on the moon. Capella is a lovely crater, but also it is the name of the sixth brightest star in the night sky. Since she is the sixth cat to have shared our home, we felt that name was perfect for her.

    We love our beautiful little Capella so much and we are happy and blessed to have her in our family. It hurts to think of what she endured in her early life. Unfortunately, we can never undo that, but we have promised her that for all the rest of her days, she will be loved and pampered and cherished. She's our Cat of the Day, every day!

Capella, the Cat of the Day
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Capella, the Cat of the Day
Capella, the Cat of the Day
Capella, the Cat of the Day

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