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Sterling, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sterling
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Poughquag, New York, USA
   This is our beloved Sterling. He is the newest feline member of our family. In August of 2013, I started volunteering at our local cat sanctuary - Mid-Hudson Animal Aid. The first day there, little Sterling promptly came over to me and "introduced" himself. Each week, on my subsequent visits, he would run over to greet me, chattering away. It seemed like he was telling me all that had happened since my last visit. As charming as little Sterling was, we weren't quite ready to adopt since we had just recently lost one of our beloved cats, Kepler, and we were still grieving that loss. However, fate intervened. There was a devastating fire at the shelter in September. Foster homes for 150+ cats were needed during the five-month period when the shelter was being rebuilt. We volunteered to foster Sterling, since I felt a special bond with him.

    The poor little guy was seven years old and had been in the shelter for more than five years when I met him. He had been adopted once before, but was abandoned when the family decided to move. Thanks to his microchip, he made his way back to the shelter, but then he spent multiple years waiting for his furrever home. How anyone could have abandoned such a sweet, beautiful kitty is impossible to understand. He certainly deserved a second chance. After just a few weeks of fostering, we decided to apply for formal adoption and give little Sterling the furrever home he so deserved. Incidentally, we were not the only "foster failures". Thankfully, 40 of the other foster kitties also found their furrever homes. So while the shelter fire was a terrible tragedy, there turned out to be a silver lining for Sterling and some of his shelter companions.

    Sterling is a wonderful kitty and we are happy and blessed to have him in our family. He loves to snuggle and cuddle. He also loves to play - either with us or by himself. Sometimes he even loves to play with the little white tip of his tail. We find his little toys strewn all over the house :-) He also has a very extensive vocabulary. He "talks" to us all the time and has many unique sounds he makes at different times and in different situations to make his wishes clear. Two of the sounds are just like "Hello" and "No". Sometimes it is uncanny how he makes those sounds just at the right time so they fit right into our conversation.

    I'm so glad Sterling "chose" me at the shelter. We are blessed to have him in our family, even though our other cat, Tycho, doesn't share our enthusiasm. He doesn't want much to do with Sterling, but we keep hoping that will change over time and maybe they will become buddies. In the meantime, we just love them both individually! There is more than enough love to go around and everyone is happy with that.

Sterling, the Cat of the Day
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Sterling, the Cat of the Day
Sterling, the Cat of the Day

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