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Miles, the Cat of the Day
Name: Miles
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bombay
Home: Lunenburg, Massachusetts, USA
   Introducing Miles (the bear). We adopted Miles after our little boy Pilot died of cancer, he truly saved us. Miles helped us with our grief by being able to just hug him and share our love. Miles came from the streets and has scars all over his back but he's such a loveable boy with a ton of energy. He loves his space but loves to cuddle too. He talks a lot and play outside.

    Miles is polydactyl on all four paws and all black, even his whiskers. He's very strong willed but very sweet. Sometimes he crawls in between us when we're sleeping, which I've never had happen with a cat before. He has a ton of energy and goes a little crazy when he can't really run around. He likes some toys but his favorite is probably this tunnel that he can run through and it slides when he runs through it really fast.

    His favorite toy is the outdoors though, by far, most other things bore him eventually. He desperately wants to play with Aurora and be her best friend but she's a cranky old lady and wants nothing to do with that. He is an even mixture of independent and cuddly but you kind of have to bring him to you most of the time. He talks a lot, he knows how to get his feelings across. He sometimes opens and closes cabinets or bangs around the cords of the shades to get our attention that he's bored. Often he'll climb up over the cabinets and jump across to the dryer and stuff like that. When we went to adopt him from the Pat Brody Cat Shelter he came right up to us and really wouldn't let us hang out with any other cats, we knew right away he was meant to be ours.

Miles, the Cat of the Day
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Miles, the Cat of the Day
Miles, the Cat of the Day
Miles, the Cat of the Day

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