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Audrey, the Cat of the Day
Name: Audrey
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese, Tabby mix
Home: Buena Vista, Virginia, USA
   This is Audrey, she is half Siamese and half Tabby cat. Audrey is the smartest cat I've ever had! She watches us do things, like open kitchen cabinets, etc., and attempts to do the same thing - often successfully. She knows where each of her preferred treats is stored in the kitchen and sits in front of the refrigerator when she wants milk and in front of the shelf if she wants a crunchy treat. She will come get us, pat us on the face or chest, and then make us follow her to the treat she wants us to get for her. She understands that after the alarm clock goes off, she can jump on us and wake us up. She is such a good kitty, she waits for that sound, but that we are fair game! Above and beyond that, she is absolutely beautiful. We love her a whole lot!

Audrey, the Cat of the Day
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Audrey, the Cat of the Day
Audrey, the Cat of the Day

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