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Today's Cat of the Day
 Esmé the Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Esmé
Age: Twelve weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: France
   Esmé is very soft, kind and affectionate. She has one sister and two brothers. Her mom is a feral cat which I began to feed during the hard winter. I became fond of her and mutually Minette became fond of me, too! She then had these four kittens in my garage, Esmé and her siblings. She is shy and a little bit timorous unlike her brothers and sister. But she loves to cuddle in my arms and purr so loud. She is the smallest and the lightest of the family. All the kittens will be staying here with me, I have a small house in the countryside and a lot of ground. There is enough space for everybody.

     Esmé is a little playful but less than her brothers and sister. She's more calm than they are. She plays with balls, cork, wool and any kind of toys which make small noises. And she plays with her brothers and sister a lot. I love her very much!

 Esmé the Cat
 Esmé the Cat
 Esmé the Cat
 Esmé the Cat
 Esmé the Cat
 Esmé the Cat

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