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Minnie the Domestic Short Hair
Name: Minnie
Age: Twelve months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Columbia, Missouri, USA
   When we met Minnie she was with her two sisters and they were about eight weeks old with fur that was dirty from living outdoors in the winter. Originally we were only going to adopt her sister, Ellie. Minnie was intended for someone else to adopt but we adopted her too when we adopted Ellie. They are both black and white cow cats. Years ago our first cat had died (also named Ellie) and Minnie looks just like him.

     Minnie didn't have a name for a couple weeks because we had already given her sister the name of our past cat. Since she also reminded us of Minnie Mouse we named her Minnie. My boyfriend and I have four cats now and although we never intended to have so many we couldn't bear to leave Minnie behind. We promised to work extra hard for these animals.

     Minnie has a very affectionate and playful personality and likes to be close to her caretakers. She talks a lot. Her favorite game is the laser pointer. She's a lover of water. She likes to carry her toys and drop them in her water bowl and watch them float. She is ever-fascinated with showers, sinks, and iced beverages. She is small but very brave. When she goes outdoors on her supervised "walks" she is an excellent tree climber. We love her!

Minnie the Domestic Short Hair

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