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Penny the Norwegian Forest Cat
Name: Penny
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Norwegian Forest Cat
Home: Malvern, Ohio, USA
   Penny is the first cat I ever got. She was a late Christmas gift in December, 2013. She was 6 months old when we got her. She has the classic "wegie" (her breed's nickname) soft, dense fur, and is very nice to pet.

     She is very affectionate and very sweet to us. She doesn't like new people or animals at first, but warms up to them if they stick around long enough. That makes it all the more special when a visitor gets her approval.

     She shares her home with one other kitten, a betta fish, and two guinea pigs. She loves mommy and daddy, though. She is a real "people cat," and is always trying to get love and affection from us. We love her!

      Penny does know how to beg for treats. She stands on her back legs fully upright, for a treat, and takes it from your hand. She doesn't really have any games she likes, mostly she just plays with our kitten. They chase each other all about the house. But Penny really is a love to have, she's such a sweet girl and very, very soft.

Penny the Norwegian Forest Cat Penny the Norwegian Forest Cat Penny the Norwegian Forest Cat

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