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Sylvester the Cat
Name: Sylvester
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Ephraim, Utah, USA
   When I was just getting off work one cold, frosty, snowy morning, I proceeded up our sidewalk and was unknownly followed by what I first thought was a black and white shoe brush! Then I heard a little "meow"and the next thing I realzied he was climbing up my leg.

     Needless to say he followed me through the door. Sylvester, as he now called, helped himself to our leftover dinner, and made himself at home. I hope Sylvester knows he will never be cold or hungry again. We love him very much and are looking forward to watch him grow, and see what he looks like as an adult!

Sylvester the Cat Sylvester the Cat

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