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Flo the Scottish Fold
Name: Flo
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Scottish Fold
Home: Kiev, Ukraine
   We want to introduce to you our beautiful Simba Iceberg Flo! Flo is our Scottish Fold girl with incredible blue eyes. Now she is almost six months old. She has a coat of white fur with blue markings on the ears, legs and tail - this coloration is called blue point. Color-point is very rare color for Scottish Folds, not only in Ukraine (where our cattery is geographically located), but also all over the world!

     One interesting fact - as all color-point kittens, Flo was born completely white. Blue Points began to appear only at about the two-week mark. This is clearly seen in this photo, she is at the age of 15 days, and she had opened her blue eyes!

     You can see how beautiful Flo's plush fur looks "in reak life" in her video. She looks like a polar bear, doesn't she?

     In our family, we are always joking that with such cat like Flo, we do not need dog. "Why?" you ask. Because her favorite hobby is to play fetch and bring us the ball! Flo - a real cat-dog! She is very playful kitten, so when she is bored she sits down near the ribbon wand toy and starts screaming for someone to play with her! She loves to play not only with the ribbon wand, but also to play wrestle with her mom Morgana, aunt Paula and dad Simba Iceberg.It is very cute.

     On the Internet, many people know me and my sister as "Katrin-Elizabeth®-pet photographers!" So it is not surprising that Flo has worked a photo model since childhood. Her first photosession took place when she was only 15 days old. Flo loves to be photographed and pose for the camera like a real photo model. But sometimes she starts tweeting during photo shoot! It looks very funny! At such moments, we do not know who we are shooting: a cat or bird?

     The photos all show how Flo is growing up! She will be staying with us always, as she is so cute and reminds us her father Simba in looks and personality. When she grows up, if everything works out, we plan on having her as part of our breeding program. We love her very much!

Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold Flo the Scottish Fold

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