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Dina the Cornish Rex
Name: Dina
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cornish Rex
Home: Saint Petersburg, Russia
   My cat helps me to live, and inspires me to keep going every day. She is very gentle and soft. She likes to sleep in the wardrobe and runs everywhere with triumphant howl of "meow"! She is also curious, and as you can see, is not afraid to come between me and my computer when she decides it is time I take a break!

     Most of all my kitty enjoys summer and sunny weather but here at the place we live, it's always rainy or snowy or cloudy or all these things at once. When rare sunny days come, my cat is happy to sunbathe and seems like she is charging her battery. She is my best furry friend.

Dina the Cornish Rex Dina the Cornish Rex

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