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Salty the Turkish Van
Name: Salty Sea Cat
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Turkish Van
Home: Britain, UK
   Ahoy, cat friends!

     My cat is a Sailor Cat~ he lives on a sailing yacht and sails the waters around Britain.

     Salty is three years old and he is a boy. He is a purebred Turkish Van Cat and did attend GCCF shows and win a title of Premier when he was younger. He stopped attending shows just before he was two years old because he didn't enjoy them.

     Salty is quite chatty and loves to go on deck to watch the seagulls ~ he has always lived on a boat. He likes water as he is a Turkish Van and puts toys in the water bowls and helps with the washing up. He likes to play with balls and watch nature programmes on TV in the Winter.

     He sails in the boat with us and this summer will be making a 500 nautical mile trip up the West Coast of UK to visit Scotland and the Western Isles of Britain.

     Salty is an only cat but has a playmate called Pippa who is a Springer Spaniel and they play, groom and snuggle together on the end of the bed.

Salty the Turkish Van Salty the Turkish Van Salty the Turkish Van

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