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Masyanya the Siberian Cat
Name: Masyanya
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siberian Cat
Home: Mozyr, Belarus
   Masyanya is my Siberian cat, she is still a growing kitten at ten months old. The Siberian is a very old breed, and they are the national cat of Russia, which we are right next door to in Belarus. I am a photographer, and she is special to me because she loves to pose for photos. Sometimes I go to take pictures of a still life, or take pictures of flowers, but Masyanya decides that without her in it, any photo would be would be ugly! She also thinks I should focus on her always.

     She is not only beautiful, but she is very curious, and friendly. The curiosity helps when I am taking photographs that I want her to be in, as she needs to inspect anything new. She has an older "brother," he is a Maine coon mix and is 20 years old, and they get along perfectly well. I love my beautiful model kitty, and look forward to many years of picture-taking with her to come.

     You can see her photos on my Facebook page, as there will surely be more to come!

Masyanya the Siberian Cat Masyanya the Siberian Cat Masyanya the Siberian Cat Masyanya the Siberian Cat

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