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Zeera the Cat
Name: Zeera
Age: One year and three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Greece
   Zeera is a wonderful gray cat that I picked up from the streets a year ago when she was just barely three months old. I never expected that the scrawny, dirty kitten I found that day would grow up to become such a beautiful cat! She's never scratched or bitten. She is super affectionate and gets on well with everybody. Unless you are a dog, that is.

     Zeera is pretty and she knows it. She prances around the house as if she owns the place, always graceful like a proper lady. She is also a huge diva! She loves to be the center of attention. Zeera has the softest fur I've ever encountered on a short-haired cat and beautiful yellow-green eyes. She is very picky with her food and tends to jump on you when you least expect it.

     She is an absolute delight to be around and I'm lucky to have her in my life!

Zeera the Cat Zeera the Cat Zeera the Cat

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