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Katniss the Orange Tabby
Name: Katniss
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
   Katniss is the queen of the house and treats her humans well. She loves to sit on your shoulder and watch her cat TV. She is just the perfect owner for us and her home.

     Katniss is two, and I should say she is my grandkitty. I let my daughter believe that it is her kitty, but really Katniss owns me. And she is the absolute ruler of the house. I am not sure whether she likes being photographed, but she is so pretty I do it anyway!

     She has us trained, and I think we just amuse her. She has her own "castle" and a play tunnel. She rules us all with her velvet paw, and we all love her anyway!

Katniss the Orange Tabby

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