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Albert the Cat
Name: Albert
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   We were having a look around the pet shop until we saw Albert. When we were about to go look around somewhere else he tried grabbing my dad's shirt and we couldn't resist adopting him. He was very quiet when we brought him home and my other cats decided to dominate him. As he got bigger, he's more vocal and now dominates the other cats.

     He pretty much eats anything he can get his paws on and prefers to drink from cups and the tap rather than his own bowl. He's very affectionate most of the time, he'll headbutt your head and shoulder. Other times he'll go nuts and jump around all over the place. His personality is very dog-like. He loves playing fetch, wags his tail when he sees something he likes, and he'll constantly lick and drool all over me. He responds to his name by making weird noises or a short loud meow. That's our Albert!

Albert the Cat Albert the Cat Albert the Cat Albert the Cat

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