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Nutmeg the Abyssinian
Name: Nutmeg
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Holliston, Massachusetts, USA
   Nutmeg was rescued from a breeder who never told us she has serious sinus issues. We believe she had a virus early in her life that stripped her sinuses and causes her to sneeze disgusting fluids all around the house. Fortunately, this is offset by her sweet and goofy personality. We adopted her since she immediately jumped from the floor to the shoulders of my husband (previously not a pet person). The deal was done. She had made her choice.

     Nutmeg is a whopping 5.2 pounds (2.36 KG) and looks like a kitten. She is neurotic and is taken to pulling out her hair when stressed or missing her favorite people. She loves to play in water and used to break into the bathroom, jumping in the shower with our then-teenage son.

     Called Splashcat, Chookie, Peen, and Chookie-Peen she loves to curl up in your lap anytime, enjoys a roaring fire, and loves to tunnel under the covers. Nutmeg purrs so loudly. She has to be banned from a lap when someone's on the phone due to the interference.

Nutmeg the Abyssinian Nutmeg the Abyssinian Nutmeg the Abyssinian

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