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Olive the Tabby mix
Name: Olive
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
   Olive came to us one summer day. My mom and I were visiting a shelter, in search of a furry friend to take home and love. Olive reached her paw through the cage door to grab my attention numerous times. I reached my fingers to her, she wouldn't let me go, and that was it. This was one cat who wanted love and snuggles. I can honestly say I know love at first sight!

     Olive is a goofy, loud, and incredibly loving cat. Wherever I am, she follows (usually sitting on my lap, on my head, at my feet, or loafing on my computer). If she doesn't know where I am in the house, she begins to meow and thus begins a small game of Marco-Polo until we find each other.

     She is perfect for me and I am perfect for her - every night (after I've had a long day at school or work and she, a long day of sleeping) we lay in bed together and the wold goes quiet- except for her loud, motor-like purring. I am so thankful that she is in my life and that I am in hers.

     She is silly and has her amazing, funny little quirks, physically and personality-wise. She has a mild skin condition that leaves her unevenly bald on her head and belly, and an overgrown bottom lip. She tends to not land on her feet half the time and has the strangest "squak" I've ever heard come out of a cat. She loves being held like a baby and doesn't mind being mildly squished when snuggling. She always falls asleep curled up next to my head, one paw on my face and one on my heart. <3

Olive the Tabby mix Olive the Tabby mix Olive the Tabby mix Olive the Tabby mix

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