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Shaun the American Shorthair
Name: Shaun
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA
   Late one night, my friend and her husband were on their way home from a Pixie's concert. As they were driving down a dark road, they drove over a little grey bump in the middle of the road (they didnt run over the bump with a tire, rather the bump was directly under their moving car). My friend thought it was a squirrel and as she looked back she realized it wasnt a squirrel and it was still moving! She jumped out of her car and ran to find a little kitten who was cut, bruised, hungry, cold and scared. She wrapped it up and took it home. She gave the little kitten the name Pixie (after the concert) and assumed the kitten was a girl, because, well, there was um... nothing that indicated otherwise! My friend couldnt keep Pixie because she has dogs that do not like cats. So she put a picture of Pixie on her facebook and asked if anyone could adopt the little furry love bug.

     We had been thinking about adopting a cat for awhile, but couldn't find the right one for our family. When I saw Pixie, that was it! We rescued Pixie just a few days after my friend plucked the kitten up off the street. Pixie was in bad shape. A cut up eye and a nasty stomach bug. We went to see the vet the next day. After a long and thorough exam, the vet told us that our little kitten was going to be just fine, but... our little girl Pixie was actually a boy! The vet looked at my then 8 year old son and asked him if he wanted to give Pixie a new name. My son said, "Hmm.. Shaun!" And so, Pixie became Shaun, more commonly referred to as Shaun the Super Kitty.

     Shaun loves to talk. He meows all day, every day. He loves to play with my son's hair and give him kisses. Shaun loves to sit in my lap and sit on the warm radiators in winter. Shaun's favorite toys are Lego's and plastic straws. He finds straws and carries them down to our basement where he collects them! He sleeps at the foot of my bed every night.

     The first year we had Shaun, my son was bit by a dog. He wasn't hurt badly, but he was scared and was crying. I brought him in the house and took him upstairs to the shower to clean him up. Shaun followed us upstairs and waited patiently at the bathroom door while my son cried, and calmed down and was cleaned up. When all was clear, Shaun waited for my son Daniel to exit the bathroom. When he did, Shaun walked in circles, in and out of Daniels legs and meow'd at him. He made sure his favorite little boy was okay. Yep, Shaun the Super Kitty, the best cat ever!

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