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Ivy Doris the American Shorthair
Name: Ivy Doris
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Shorthair Tabby
Home: Rhode Island, USA
   This is our beautiful little Ivy Doris sitting like the princess she is on a pillow that she claimed as her own. She's actually quite petite and has white tips on her front feet and larger white on her back legs. She absolutely adores belly rubs and playing with ribbons dangling in front of her and is a very gentle soul.

     She also has a boyfriend, Harry, they are the same age and who is part of our family of kitties but not related. He is our other cat and they bathe each other, sleep cuddled up together constantly whether it is warm or cold. When he is wanted in her bed, she has a certain meow and shakes her tail at him and he comes running.

     Her favorite playtime activity is catnip and chasing string although she has slowed down a bit with latter as she has become a bit arthritic but she still gets around with no problem at all. She has a purr like a motorboat and is a papa's little girl (and an Auntie's girl as well). She is a fish-loving little girl who has a passion for mussels. I always said she would have been a great cat on a fishing boat or on the docks. We all agree that Ivy is very deserving to be honored.

Ivy Doris the American Shorthair Ivy Doris the American Shorthair

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