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Nyla the Mixed Breed Cat
Name: Nyla
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mixed Breed Cat
Home: Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
   Nyla is a pretty girl, but she is a kind of weird cat. She makes a trilling noise instead of meowing like a regular cat. It's super adorable and precious though, and she knows she's a cutie. She loves feathers, more so than my other cat. They drive her crazy. She could also chase the laser around all day.

     Nyla is a bundle of energy and cuteness and I love her for all her quirks. She is far more athletic than you would guess under all that fluff! She also loves lie on things that are narrow so she can hang her legs off of them, and enjoys sending the occasional text out to her kitty friends if I leave my old cell phone where she can get to it! (She prefers the old-school keyboard - so much easier for furry paws!) ;)

Nyla the Mixed Breed Cat Nyla the Mixed Breed Cat

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