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Garfield the Orange Tabby
Name: Garfield
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Clarksville, Tennesse, USA
   Garfield was the only orange tabby in a litter of rescued kittens at the local humane society. When we were asked to play with his brothers and sisters they did not want anything to do with us. They hissed and growled! Garfield, however, rubbed against the cage and let us hold him. We knew he was the one for our family.

     He's super silly and super sweet. He loves to chase lights, play with his cat nip balls and lay on every bed and chair in the house to prove he is the king of this castle! He is our own alarm clock, and we never miss a beat with him. Garfield also is very independent but loves to give love and get love when he wants to, purring and grooming and headbutting. He also enjoys helping us draw. We love our special cat!

Garfield the Orange Tabby Garfield the Orange Tabby Garfield the Orange Tabby

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